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From one of the oldest star producing systems in the known universe, these highly evolved beings from Cosmos Redshift7 take on the form of pure energy, granting them the knowledge to produce the most efficient engines and shields known.

  • Advanced Engines Give Extra Speed
  • Advanced Shields Recharge Faster


Being the only intelligent life capable of insterstellar travel in their young galaxy, Humankind has become advanced beyond their age through the clever use of computers and though primitive the human's kinetic weapons are among the most feared.

  • Advanced Computers Grant Increased Perks
  • Advanced Weapons Allow Shield Penetration


This hive mind has assimilated the entire Andromeda Galaxy. After burning through it's resources and with the entire galaxy under their control the Unknow have been able to set it in motion to collide with the Milky Way.

  • Deposits Currency When Friendly Players Are Close
  • Ships Repair Faster When Friendly Players Are Close